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    What is it ?
     SpaceCup is a 3D game, look like a ice-hockey or football in the space with many ball who rebound in all direction. The mark of game is score more goal points than the adversary.
    SpaceCup is under GNU General Public License.
    At this time SpaceCup is supported only by Linux. A 3Dfx video card is really advisable.
    News !
    30/08/2000- SpaceCup Version 0.3.1
  • Add joystick control.
  • Not use xmesa.h in source code.
  • 14/05/2000- SpaceCup Version 0.3
    First playable version (with AI)!
  • Add Jet team (red, blue, white)
  • Add blue team goal.
  • Print score.
  • Select team.
  • First AI.
  • Demo in menu.
  • Revision of map number 0 and 1.
  • Correct a math error in collision.
  • Some details ...
  • 01/05/2000 - SpaceCup Version 0.2.1beta
  • Add Goals.
  • We can win the game.
  • Add 4 small jet-propelled at the Jet for translate. It's more easy for aim the but. (Mouse+right button).
  • Add linear movement to the 'Ins', 'Home', 'Page Up', 'Page Down' and 'End' keys.
  • Some details ....
  • 25/04/2000 - SpaceCup Version 0.2beta
    First public version (beta). The motor of game functions but he doesn't have no real interest again to play. One can to move, crash on the objects. But there is not AI for the adversaries nor of support for the game in network as well as the notion of earning and lose for lack of goal at present.
    True STEREO sound server.
    Support for virtual reality helmets. At this time no tracker are support.
    To do !
    Give a team notion to AI.
    Files of profile, RPM.
    Support network.
    Add other types of jet and of obstacles.
     All contribution to the project is the well coming :-)
    If you achieve of new levels, mail it to me and I will add them so possible to the future version.  (a simple publisher was necessary)
    I will like find people to take care some wav, texts and commentaries, it is a domain where i am no good and my english is very limited )-;
    At this time SpaceCup is supported solely by linux.

    My development platform for SpaceCup is:

  • Kernel 2.2.9-19
  • XFree 3.3.1
  • PII 300Mhz - 64Mo
  • Voodoo 3 - 3000 AGP
  • Mesa 3.1-7
  • Glide_V3-2.60-16
  • I-Glasses X2 (Virtual reality helmet)
  • Download
    Source (with textures, sounds, map....)

    Current Release.

  • SpaceCup-0.3.1.tar.gz
  • Old Release.

  • SpaceCup-0.3.tar.gz
  • SpaceCup-0.2.1beta.tar.gz
  • SpaceCup-0.2beta.tar.gz
  • Installation
  • typing tar -zxvf SpaceCup-0.3.1.tar.gz
  • go in SpaceCup dir
  • Publishing the Makefile file in the src dir so necessary.
  • typing ./ make
  • typing ./ make install (SpaceCup copy in /usr/local/bin/ and the textures, wav, maps, in /usr/local/share/SpaceCup


    You must to the previous have installed the Mesa and GLUT library.
    If you with some mistakes at the time of the compilation, publishes the Makefile file in src and src/sound dir.

    Mailing Lists
    There are three mailing lists. You must subscribe before post to the list. To subscribe, use the links.
  • spacecup-main: This list is for SpaceCup users.
  • spacecup-devel: This list is for people who wish to contribute to SpaceCup.
  • spacecup-announce: Where is announce new versions of SpaceCup. 
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    The necessary library for SpaceCup:

    If ou have a 3DFX video card
    Glide et 3DFX

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    The Linux Game Tome
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    Dominique Roux-Serret - Copyright(c) 2000 (bidule @